You bake a great chocolate cake!

I have been meaning to drop you a note to let you know how deliciously wonderful your chocolate cake and raspberry sauce was. Also how it made so many people happy. First, I got to visit my mother-in-law for the first time since March 2nd on Monday. We had your cake for dessert. Well, her eyes lit up and she even used her index finger to grab the last bits off her plate.  A HUGE hit. On Tuesday I took half over to a friend to celebrate her birthday. She was pleasantly surprised and we sat outside (socially distanced apart of course) and a friend of hers stopped by - so of course she had a piece and gushed how good it was. The next day (Wednesday) that friend took what was leftover to her dental office and shared it with the receptionist - I heard how she loved it and appreciated.
I still have a quarter in the freezer for myself.
Just wanted to let you know how one cake made the rounds and made a lot of people very happy.  You bake a great chocolate cake!