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Babes Delectables provides a personal but professional touch to all your dessert and catering needs.  Pat Yost, chef/owner, works individually with each client to ensure that what the client envisions is what she provides.  Whether it is a cocktail reception, a buffet lunch or dinner, or a cake that will be remembered for its taste and its beauty,  Chef Pat works to make sure that your event is special.

If you enjoy handmade cakes, rich chocolate chip cookies, or a creamy cheesecake, we have the perfect recipe for you. Whether it's chocolate, yellow, white, carrot or banana, we can make your celebration sweeter with a cake that is made to order.  We can offer a delicious menu for catering as well as custom cake or cookie designs.

I learned to love baking from my mother. My family could always count on having freshly baked goods in our home. When the neighbors dropped by, or it was someone's birthday, we knew my mom's baking would more than satisfy the desire for something delicious and sweet. As the youngest of six children, my mother was called Babe. I have named my company after my mother because she was such an inspiration in my life.

While I learned my early baking skills from my mother, I attended the French Culinary Institute and received the Grand Diplome in Pastry Arts.

I am located in Westchester and can easily cater your event anywhere in the greater metropolitan area.

About Chef Pat
What Customers are Saying....

"Thank you for the pops. They came out sooo nice . My mother in law is sooo happy thanks again" JA

"I am your forever fan girl, Pat!" SB

"All I have to say is MAGNIFICENT! From the sugar cookies to the brownies, everything was awesome. Looking forward to more treats soon. Especially the chocolate chip cookies." BZ

"We cannot thank you enough. Babe's Delectables is THE BEST! The food was wonderful. I cannot tell you how happy we, and especially AH were with how the event worked out." CG

"The most delicious cake I and my family have ever eaten!!!" MR (chocolate ganache cake)

"THE CAKE TO END ALL CAKES!! Her cake was absolutely too good for words - the hit of the party! Everyone was overwhelmed, especially B. A masterpiece!" MC

"The Valentine cupcakes are gorgeous!!!" LK

"Those painted cookies are fabulous!" BR

"I have tried the pie and it is soooooooo good." LR

“The pies look amazing.” LS

"'Delicious!' was the word that I heard!" KJ

"The dessert reception was amazing!" LP

"My pumpkin cheesecake was absolutely delicious!" LK

"The stollen -- they are DELICIOUS, we are still enjoying them!!" CG

"My mother and grandmother are from Germany and we often make stollen homemade at Christmas. I was
skeptical of a bakery bought stollen - but I have to say it was better than our family recipe." BW